What is a Holistic Chiropractor?

Can a Chiropractor in Rockford Improve Your Overall Health?

As people focus more and more on holistic solutions to health problems and maladies a holistic chiropractor in Rockford may be becoming more of a main stream solution.   In the past, the general view of a chiropractor was for bone and muscles aches a pains.  But new age chiropractors are introducing non-invasive and drug free therapy.

The approached used by a holistic chiropractor can range from the traditions spinal manipulations to a focus on nutrition, diet and exercise and other full body lifestyle changes.  Holistic chiropractors use a whole body approach and are of the opinion the brain, spine and organs all play and equal part in regulating overall health.

Their goal is to “free up” the travel routes in our bodies so the messages can freely flow from brain to organs, sort of like clearing an accident on a highway.  They use many tools an MD would use such as diagnostic and laboratory tests.  They do not embrace the practice of drugs and invasive treatment as the first “go to” approach for treatment.  There is a belief within the chiropractic community that skeletal problems can create many other physical ailments; therefore, the skills used for spinal manipulation are usually their first point of order.  They will engage other health treatment options from other healthcare providers if they feel the need or the ailment clearly requires a more traditional medical treatment.

Holistic chiropractors in Rockford will typically have 2-8 years of college behind their practice.  They are highly trained and have a rigorous series of exams they must pass in order to practice their trade.  As the field of chiropractic medicine has evolved,  the curriculum and continuing education process has also evolved.

When you go to a chiropractor, you can expect them to perform a full work-up and you may be asked to get x-rays, ultrasounds or MRI’s in order to diagnose the issues.  The real benefit of a holistic chiropractor is they do not use drugs to treat health issues.  As more and more people begin the process of detoxifying and looking for more holistic approaches, they are seeking out the consult and benefits of holistic chiropractors.

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